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Develop an online Portfolio Website, which provides complete information regarding the Product.


A portfolio website helps clients to find the right path for their requirements.


SKS Cleantech believes in making this world much greener in every aspect without compromising on the quality of life. Thus, here we are, venturing into every form of business that has a direct or incidental impact on making this world a better and greener place to live in. As we know, the two major contributors to air pollution are – the burning of coal to power our home i.e. electricity generated through the grid, and the other being tail-pipe emission of vehicles.

In this project, we have built complete functionality to the user interface, using WordPress, Astra Theme, Elementor, etc.


  • ClientSKS Cleantech
  • CategoryUI/UX, Web Design
  • Tags,
  • Start Date20.12.2021
  • End Date10.02.2022
  • Website
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